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Szentendre takes place 20 km from Budapest. In particular Szentendre is an art and culture friendly town. The city, which had already been populated in Roman times, it has always been a favorite residence of artists and still today. Houses and studios of several artists became museums and opened for exhibition visitors. The downtown is full of small galleries, studios and coffee shops. The charming small town atmosphere is captured by the visitors. Although there is no prominent architectural sights, but a coherent architecture and the mood of the old town give unforgettable experience for visitors. You can shop art pieces and antique things or have a coffee with some Hungarian cakes or have a romantic dinner with candle light a nice old restaurant. Szentendre is not only famous for its old town, you should visit the Skansen also.
The best way to visit Szentendre is by HÉV (local train), the old town is only a few minutes walk from the HÉV station. The HÉV start from Budapest at Batthyányi square, but please check the information because not every train go to Szentendre. You can go to Skanzen museum by taxi or bus. If you have time and want to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest, you can go back by boat on the Danube.

Szentendre Skansen

The Skanzen open air museum on the outskirts of the town itself offers all-day program. The various houses and agricultural buildings moved here from different regions of the country, provide insight into their diversity in rural Hungary. You can meet he living conditions and architectural features of the various nationalities. The most programs (often interactive programs) are on holidays in the museum field. The Easter and the harvest is the period when you will meet traditional programs. There are rural village houses, wooden church, windmill, calvary, wine cellars and the latest development was a little local train going around the Skansen. The Szentendre open-air museum is now more impression of a rural region, and provide excellent recreation program option for families.

Visegrad, Esztergom

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