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Please always use our online accommodation booking system. Center Apartment Budapest e-mail and telephone:
+36 30 269 9660

For the low season the prices of apartments start from 30 EUR.

We have not increased the prices of our apartments on the high season and for Formula 1 and Sziget festival! Rent any vacation apartment for short Budapest city break in the high season till the end of September! Now you can find cheap price luxury apartments from 35 EUR/night/apartment with free WIFI internet access for the summer!

Discount accommodation offer:
If you book online every 7th night is free in our holiday apartments.
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Center Apartments Budapest Terms and Conditions

Rental contract of short-term accommodation for tourists between the owner of the apartments (collectively Center Apartments Budapest) as the lessor and the person booking online (and those who travel with her/him and residing at the same apartment) as the lessee with the following conditions:

1./ Signatories agree that the lessor lets the apartment booked online to the lessees as a tourist accommodation.

2./ The period of lease is specified in the online booking, but it cannot be more than 30 days.

3./ The online booking (contract) can be placed via the online booking system at www.cabudapest.hu or www.cabudapest.com. Reservations can be placed either by a Hungarian or a foreign natural person by giving her/his personal data. A lessee is a person giving her/his personal data. The criminal liability of the person placing the booking extends to the authenticity of these data.

4./ The booking (contract) can be cancelled for free 7 days before the arrival (not counting the day of arrival). In case of cancellation made within seven days prior to arrival or nonattendance of the lessee without notification, the first night has to be paid as a cancellation fee.

5./ The rental fee is the amount calculated at booking in Euro. The rental fee includes all charges and taxes, no other fee can be charged afterwards. The rental fee does not include the fee of air condition and airport transfer.

6./ The Lessee is required to pay the rental fee in cash (in Euro or Forint or in any other currency accepted by the Lessor converted with the daily exchange rate of the Hungarian Central Bank) when taking the apartment. The Lessor shall issue an invoice with the name and the address of the Lessee as an individual. The rental fee varies depending on the number of the tenants. According to this, the number of the tenants in the rented property cannot exceed the number of persons it was booked for.

7./ The Lessor warrants that the rented property will be able to be used properly during the term of the lease. However the Lessor shall not be held responsible for any damage that may come from malfunctioning of any of the public utility services. In such situations, the Lessor offers compensation to the Lessee depending on the rental fee, which however the Lessee is not obliged to accept.
This should be considered as a cancellation of the contract with a full financial compensation to the Lessee for the remaining period of the contract.

8./ The Lessee can use the rented property and its furniture only with regards of the rules and without violating the rights and legitimate interests of others. According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code the Lessee is liable for any loss or damage resulting from improper use of the rented property or its furniture or breach of this contract.

9./ During the validity of this contract the Lessee shall not assign or sublet the rented property, apport it into a company or register its address as a company’s seat. The Lessee cannot perform any service in the rented property.

10./ The Lessee shall immediately notify the Lessor in case of any damage to the rented property. The Lessee is committed to permit a representative of the Lesser to technically inspect the rented property with prior notification.

11./ The Lessee shall provide for the correction of errors or the recovery of damages in the rented property caused by the Lessee or anyone she/he is in legal relationship with. If this requirement is not met, the necessary work will be carried out by the Lessor at the Lessee's expense.

12./ The Lessor is entitled to immediately terminate this lease if:
- the Lessee uses the rented property improperly despite warning;
- more people stay in the rented property than the number of people it was booked for;
- the Lessee sublets or gives the rented property to anyone without the consent of the Lessor;
- the Lessee performs any kind of service in the rented property.
- the Lessee do not accept the rules that not allowed to stay any animals in the apartment, do not accept that the the apartment is non smoking.
- the Lessee break of the generally rules of the building community.

13./ If the Lessee cannot claim compensation for the termination of this contract caused by reasons described in #12, she/he is required to leave the rented property and return it in its original state.

14./ Should the Lessee not leave the rented property after the end of the rental period, for each day she/he stays there he/she is required to pay user charges equaling the double of the rental fee of one day.

15./ The Contracting Parties shall seek to submit a dispute arising in connection with this agreement settled by negotiation. In case of legal dispute the Municipal Court of Budapest is competent.

For matters not regulated by this contract the Civil Code provisions apply.

When placing the online booking, the Lessee accepts, understands and is consent to be bound by all point of this contract.